Ep. 53 – The Listener’s Guide


Welcome to the to the Listener’s Guide for The Rip Citizens ‘Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Man‘.

Intros / This Week in Rip City

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This week the Blazers had the back half of their losing streak, with losses to Charlotte, San Antonio, and Houston, before notching a win over the Clippers. Follow the links to see the box scores, recaps, and highlights.

Here’s the collected highlights of Batum against the Blazers. #Sorry.


And here’s Corey Brewer’s miracle three. #Sorryagain


Jamal Crawford’s move is called the ‘Shake ‘N Bake’.

Losing Streak

Here’s Dan Sheldon’s article that I reference.

The New Jersey Nets started the 2009-2010 season 0-18.

Voicemail: Al-Farouq Aminu

Here’s a collection of Aminu highlights from a single game


It’s a funny coincidence that this salesman’s name is Al Harrington. Just like this Al Harrington.


And for reference, here are his stats, both past and present.

The Library

This week: Sam Smith’s The Jordan Rules.


And here’s video analyzing ‘The Jordan Rules’



Now you, too, can eat like Meyers. Or Iman Shumpert.

And references for each of the trivia answer:

Caron Bulter’s soda habit

Derrick Rose’s apple wound

Dwight Howard’s candy

JJ Reddick’s Rice Krispie tradition

Happy belated Birthday to Earl the Pearl






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