Ep. 53 – The Listener’s Guide


Welcome to the to the Listener’s Guide for The Rip Citizens ‘Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Man‘.

Intros / This Week in Rip City

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This week the Blazers had the back half of their losing streak, with losses to Charlotte, San Antonio, and Houston, before notching a win over the Clippers. Follow the links to see the box scores, recaps, and highlights.

Here’s the collected highlights of Batum against the Blazers. #Sorry.


And here’s Corey Brewer’s miracle three. #Sorryagain

Jamal Crawford’s move is called the ‘Shake ‘N Bake’.

Losing Streak

Here’s Dan Sheldon’s article that I reference.

The New Jersey Nets started the 2009-2010 season 0-18.

Voicemail: Al-Farouq Aminu

Here’s a collection of Aminu highlights from a single game


It’s a funny coincidence that this salesman’s name is Al Harrington. Just like this Al Harrington.


And for reference, here are his stats, both past and present.

The Library

This week: Sam Smith’s The Jordan Rules.


And here’s video analyzing ‘The Jordan Rules’



Now you, too, can eat like Meyers. Or Iman Shumpert.

And references for each of the trivia answer:

-Caron Bulter’s soda habit

-Derrick Rose’s apple wound

-Dwight Howard’s candy

-JJ Reddick’s Rice Krispie tradition

Happy belated Birthday to Earl the Pearl






Ep. 53: Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Man

Al-Farouq be like...

Al-Farouq be like…

This week the citizens break down the Blazers recent ups and downs, discuss Al-Farouq Aminu’s value on the team, and talk way too much about Jamal Crawford.

Then, we go to the Library where Edwin talks about Sam Smith’s “The Jordan Rules,” do some NBA diet-related trivia, and offer some fantasy basketball advice this week.

Ep. 52: ‘Harsh Realities’ – The Listener’s Guide

‘My eyes! The goggles do nothing!’


Welcome to the Listener’s Guide for episode #52 – ‘Harsh Realities’. This one is mostly highlight clips.

Intros / This week in Rip City

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This is RabbleTV.

The Blazers didn’t have a great week. They lost to the Pistons, Nuggets, Spurs, Grizzlies, and Hornets (this was after the episode). 

You can watch Meyers Leonard’s injury here, after an ad.

This is Kevin Love’s injury. Do yourself a favor and don’t watch it.

This is what CJ is capable of.

You can hear the boos for LaMarcus in this video.

Blazers as Podcast Guests

Here’s Meyers on Open Account

This is Meyers on an another show. The host is amazing.


There are a handful of Blazer interviews. Maybe the best and most often is CJ on Rip City Mornings.

Film Room

Some info on I Hate Christian Laettner

Some highlights of Christian Laettner in the NBA


MarShon Brooks in playing in China right now (thanks, @Corbinasmith). But here are some highlights from his time in the EuroLeague.

Trivia aka ‘Nickname Collison’

This a great quiz on NBA nicknames

And now, a list of players mentioned in the nicknames section.

Fred ‘The Mayor’ Hoiberg v. Sam Cassell

Alex ‘The Blade’ English

Vinnie ‘The Microwave’ Johnson

Brian ‘The Custodian’ Cardinal

Gilbert ‘Agent Zero’ Arenas

This is the ‘Big Burrito’ Marc Gasol

Rik ‘The Dunking Dutchman’ Smits

‘Big Game’ James Worthy

‘Thunder’ Dan Majerle

Avery ‘The Little General’ Johnson

Robert ‘The Chief’ Parish

Sam ‘Big Smooth’ Perkins

Jamal ‘Monster Mash’ Mashburn

Juan Carlos Navarro – ‘La Bamba’

Elgin ‘Mr. Inside’ Baylor





Ep. 52: Harsh Realities

LA signing his breakup contract.

LA signing the divorce papers.

This week the Citizens break down the Blazers facing the harsh realities of being a young team, the impact of Meyers Leonard’s injury, LaMarcus’ return to the Moda Center, and an annoying loss in Memphis.

We also discuss which past & present Blazers would make the best interviews, quiz each other on NBA nicknames, and visit the film room to review the documentary I Hate Christian Laettner.

Ep. 51: Bromance

Jimmy & Justin, professional laughers.

Jimmy & Justin, professional laughers.

With a week of Trail Blazers basketball under our belts, the Citizens kick off the season with a breakdown of the new, young, athletic Blazers and how they stack up with similar teams in the league. We also discuss our favorite Blazer bromances of all-time and predict this roster’s best friendship.

Then, we introduce the new segment ‘Edwin’s Library’ in which Edwin reviews and recommends basketball books, and quiz each other on ’07-’08 NBA starting lineups.

The episode brought to you by Rabble.tv

Ep. 50: The Post-Preseason Season Preview

This is the ball I use for the sport I play! (AP Photo/ Greg Wahl-Stephens)

Tim Frazier is praying for a Spalding sponsorship. (AP Photo/ Greg Wahl-Stephens)

NBA basketball is almost back and the Citizens are here to tell you all about it. Corbin Smith (VICE Sports, Willamette Week) joins us for an hour-long special breaking down the Blazers preseason and how our perspectives have changed for this season. We also make some predictions about the team, speculate on the future of our young players, and talk about Chris Kaman’s initiation rituals.

Then we broaden the scope to the whole NBA, where we pick our favorites to win player awards, conferences, and the Championship itself.

All that, plus Oregon’s new marijuana policy, moldy players, Batum’s future on the Hornets, and a theatrical afternoon in the studio.

Listener’s Guide – #50: The Post-Preseason Season Preview Show

LeBron James, ever curious

LeBron James, ever curious

Welcome to The Rip Citizens’ Listener’s Guide for ‘The Postpreseason Show. This is the first of a hopefully recurring post, one that accompanies the most recent episode of TRC. There’s some links, highlight videos and other miscellany.

First of all, here’s our guest Corbin:

-On why he should host ESPN’s ‘First Take’

-On Twitter

Next is us (Edwin and Alex)

-On Twitter

This is Rabble.tv

Here’s an article about LMA’s Shoe House. Note: the house is for storing his shoes, it will not be made of the shoes themselves.

This is what Mo Harkless has done so far, career wise. This does not include what he has done, community service wise, because there is no relevant Google Search result for ‘Mo Harkless community service.

Is Ed Davis good? Here are his stats, and a highlight reel.


Ever wondered what goes on in Chris Kaman’s Backyard?

“I wish I knew what Westbrook shot, off the top of my head”. Now you do, from the bottom of my heart.

As it turns out, Mason Plumlee has already made a game-saving block:

Josh Smith’s block on Dame, with SVP commentary

The quintessential game-saving block:

Ace v. Butler:

And as a pitcher

Blazers almost give away the game to Dallas; Meyers missed dunk at

Thanks to Miles Wray for the question!

A quick preview for Nic Batum.

Still weird

Here’s the Truehoop TV podcast with Windhorst, and evidence of PJ Brown’s MVP vote. That happened.

For a while, Rondo was my favorite player to watch in the league. Back in 2011, definitely.

All hail the Stifle Tower.

This is what Draymond does.

Nobody is more fun to watch than Jamal Crawford.

One time he retweeted me. It was a long time ago.

But seriously, Golden State was ridiculous last year. (+10.1 point differential)

To clarify, GSW traded Lee for Wallace, and then Wallace for Jason Thompson.


The Once and Future Spokesman for LA Gear.


What a great Finals.


And for no reason, a Simpsons clip.

Ep. 49: Summer Reading, New Rosters, Questions

A picture of Edwin from this summer.

A picture of Edwin from this summer.

We back to dig the trenches of the NBA offseason. We talk about our summer reading lists, weigh in on new Blazer personalities, and discuss which teams may rise and fall around the league. All that, plus the best NBA dodge ball players, favorite leftys, and prized movie clothing.

Ep. 48: The Off-season Special

We can definitely make room for Emeka Okafor.

We can definitely make room for Emeka Okafor.

The Citizens keep up their off-season training with an hour-long special breaking down the whirlwind of a summer for the Blazers. Corbin Smith from VICE Sports & Portland Roundball Society joins the show to discuss free agency, LaMarcus Aldridge, rebuilding, and gardening (among many other things).

Get at it!

Ep. 47: Now What?

Sheed wanna know.

Sheed wanna know.

Now that the dust has settled we look back on the Memphis series, break down contract situations ahead of the off-season, and discuss the future of LaMarcus Aldridge in a Blazer uniform.

Then we look at the rest of the NBA playoffs, make some predictions, and share a bold prediction about next season.