Ep. 40: Afflalo You Into the Dark


Back after a long All-Star break, we break down the crazy trade deadline and how the Blazers are preparing themselves for the playoffs (i.e. Arron Afflalo is a bonafide closer). We also discuss how a longer break changes the season, look ahead to a difficult schedule, and say goodbye to Will Barton, T-Rob, and Claver.

Then, we decide who we’d want to announce our All-Star event, add a former Blazer to the coaching staff, and hearken back to our 10 yr old greatness.

All that, plus gifts we’d give to the new Blazers, octopus cake, and a Conan O’Brian/Will Ferrell broadcast team.

Ep. 39: The All-Star Special


Corbin Smith reports live on location

This episode marks two years since we started the show, and what a better way to celebrate ourselves than celebrate the All-Stars? We start with a quick recap of the Blazers mid-season finale games, then check in with Corbin Smith (who is on location in NYC) to report on the atmosphere in the city.

Then we review each event and its participants, make some predictions, and throw around a few All-Star memories.

All that, plus Chilly Willy returns to give us his All-Star picks and select the musicians he’d put in each event this weekend.

Ep. 38: RoLo and Rasheed – The Return

Got love for Sheed this big.

Got love for Sheed this big.

This week we welcome back two different Blazers for two different reasons: Robin Lopez for playing basketball, and Rasheed Wallace for loving basketball. Robin gave us some rim protection, while Rasheed gave Portland some passion. Robin helped us beat the Suns by 20, Rasheed helped 20,000 heal the wounds of the Jail Blazer era. To say the least, it was good to have them both courtside again.

Also, we talk about Dame’s All-Star snub, toss around ideas for All-Star weekend, and debate what animated TV and movie characters we’d want to play in the All-Star game.

All that, plus Futurama quotes, Portland symbols on jerseys, and the harsh transition from a studio from Alex’s basement.

Ep. 37: No Big Men


Um…I hope someone just hit a three and got fouled, ’cause you’re tossin’ up 4 fingers there

[NOTE: We recorded this before LaMarcus decided to not be injured, so please excuse all the injury talk] This week we break down how the Blazers can move forward sans LaMarcus & Batum, break down the All-Star Starters, and pontificate on where Dame’s stardom can go from here.

Also, we wonder what’s more surprising – the recent success of Meyer’s Leonard or the struggles of Nic Batum.

All that, plus pitching products for the Blazers to sell, our earliest memories of watching the Blazers, and a few sips of tea.

Ep. 36: The Sweet Spot


We’re back at it after a long holiday break, only to find the Blazers right where we want them. The Blazers have only lost to 2 teams since our last episode, and we spend a good amount of time discussing one of those teams – the Atlanta Hawks. Also, we reflect on Neil Olshey’s tenure as GM after his new promotion and ponder about the potential return of Jermaine O’Neal.

Then, we analyze the brilliant new S.P.U.R.S. cartoon and what sort of comic the Blazers should appear in, and then jump around in time for some new Chilly’s Picks.

All that, plus Mike Rice’s shaving strike, the beauty of the Spurs triple OT game, and a few name ideas for an Atlanta Hawks podcast.

Ep. 35: Basketball for Beginners


The Blazers have won 9 of 11 since our last show. It seems the less we talk the more they win, so we’ll keep this brief. We recap our recent hot streak and the moments that stood out, break down the play of Nic Batum and whether his knee is an issue, and discuss if NBA rivalries are still relevant.

We also introduce a new segment called “Barely a Fan” in which our friend Sean (who has a minimal grasp on the NBA) breaks down the Blazers/Pistons game.

All that, plus who we’d want to be in a commercial with, favorite player matchups, Victor Claver’s future, and the current success of small market teams.

Ep. 34: Where Are They Now?

Jared Jefferies got 'dis

Jared Jefferies got ‘dis

We welcome Corbin Smith of Portland Roundball Society to the show this week to discuss life, history, and the last week of Blazers ball. We look at why the Blazers have improved at come-from-behind victories, what Kaman & Blake are bringing to the table, and how the Western Conference is shaping up.

Then we discuss NBA superheros, check in on where former Blazers are today, and talk about an old episode of Modern Fishing.

All that, plus lots of info on Nolan Smith, some love/hate for Joakim Noah, and Corbin tasting a salt crystal.

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Ep. 33: A Change Between Seasons

Damian Lillard, Kyrie Irving


Well, our busy non-show lives have settled for the time being, so we’re finally back with a regular season show! We start by recapping the first week of Blazer basketball, including lows vs. the Warriors and highs vs. the Cavs. We discuss the story lines and teams we’re most excited to keep tabs on around the league, and what major differences we see on the Blazers from last year.

Then we pick a TV show that we think best encapsulates the Blazers between the seasons. If that doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t. But it was fun.

All that, plus predictions for the league awards, fringe playoff teams, and the return of Chilly Willy.

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Ep. 32: Offseason, FIBA, and the Summer of Dame

Dame stealin' and wheelin'

Dame stealin’ and wheelin’

After months in the NBA doldrums, the Rip Citizens are back in training camp (although Edwin’s pun game is in mid-season form already). We cover all the summer & offseason happenings, including Damian’s rise to stardom, the Draft, Summer League, new additions Chris Kaman & Steve “Bad Penny” Blake, and the highly, HIGHLY anticipated FIBA World Cup.

All that, plus Edwin attends a Spanish League game, Alex’s video game habits, international goal-tending rules,  and whether or not Nic Batum is a mercenary.

Ep. 31: Onward!

It's a basketball Tony. Look at it. (via bleacherreport)

It’s a basketball Tony. Look at it. (via bleacherreport)

Its been 14 years since we had the chance to podcast about the Blazers making it to the 2nd round. We really blew the opportunity back then. But we’ve learned from our mistakes and are back to recap the Rockets series and preview the Spurs (…albeit after Game 1. Recording schedules have been tough. Give us a break).

We relive the glory of the Dame Winner, break down our favorite moments from round 1, and then look ahead to entirely different beast known as the San Antonio Spurs. Like the great Gandalf, they’re old and wearing grey, yet reliable as hell. Also, very difficult to hate.

All that, plus Twitter lessons from Chilly Willy, Kevin McHale as a Halloween mask, and a recap of our horrible first round predictions.

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